Who Is J. C. High Eagle?

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storytelling for relaxation and stress reduction

A man who is more than merely an entertainer he is deeply involved in world service, desiring to tour widely for others to hear his music.
He has over 193 registered musical compositions to his credit.

His soul, constantly involved in stimulating others to greater beauty of what life truly represents, presents a beautiful frequency that others can align themselves with in harmony. Because his soul has a refined sensitivity, his accomplishment is very elated and
stimulated in others who hear his music.

His soul is strongly connected with music. As a full member in the
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP),
he knows how to deal with certain universal rhythms so that his music
may bring forth much activity wherever he goes.

J.C.'s specialty is entertainment. Entertainment has not only been his fascination,
but his passion. A professional solo guitarist and singer,
High Eagle is equally proficient on the American Indian flute, Indian drum
and keyboard synthesizer.
His music has been described by others as simple elegance.

Historically, music has been known as a form of communication for Native American Indians the beat of the drum, perhaps the most familiar. Traditionally, it was the same with the flute. The native flute has a haunting, soulful sound that penetrates and
permeates the world around it, letting its presence be known.

A committed musician, his music has helped to bring back the Native American flute from virtual extinction. The soulful sound of his flute music is a blending of traditional and contemporary melodies that permeate the soul and promote relaxation
a quality to be treasured in today's stressful world!
The modern day significance of native Indian flute music has value in relieving stress in
one's quest for inner calm.

Its recent revival is beginning to have the flavor of a more contemporary new sound today, mixed with the seasoning of times gone-by.
High Eagle has found his music taking him around the country and the world introducing it to a wide variety of groups, museums, colleges,
national parks, festivals, special events, scouting programs, and yes . . .
even symphony audiences!

He has performed 20 shows as a soloist with the Milwaukee Symphony, Milwaukee, Wisconsin--
Considered to be one of the top 20 orchestras in the United States.

native american flute musicnative american flute music
Photos courtesy of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

. . . and 19 stage performances as a soloist with the
National Symphony Orchestra
at the prestigious John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

native american flute music native american flute music

A natural performer, he has also performed 20 shows in the 1997
Broadway musical stage production, "Makin' Whoopee!".

native american flute musicnative american flute music

Continuing with his performing arts, High Eagle was an actor and musician in the live stage musical performance of "What I Did For Love", held in Smothers theatre, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California.


High Eagle has produced several successfully selling cassettes/CDs that are currently marketed and distributed throughout the world on this web site. They seek to bring to the world something fresh and unique yet "commercial" in music on a higher plane, that has not been available heretofore.

Some of High Eagle's flute compositions have been arranged for piano and performed in solo recital by reknown Native American pianist Lisa Cheryl Thomas, Cherokee, at the famed historical Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Entertainer on the native american fluteEntertainer on the native american fluteCarnegie Hall,High Eagle

High Eagle was featured as a musician for soundtrack music to the CBS television series, WALKER, TEXAS RANGER"

Entertainer on the native american flute
Starring famous actor
Chuck Norris.

High Eagle performed his flute music to the New York City jazz dance stage performance in famed choreographer Laurie de Vito's show entitled,
"She-Bops and Scats" at the famed Pace Downtown Theater, 1 Pace Plaza,
in Manhattan. "Makes you want to dance," one audience member observed. It did.

native american flute music

J.C. in collaboration with Lynn Andrews produced the background music to her recording of the Book of the Child. In her own words,"This is a meditation to heal and reconnect you to your true mythical-magical child. Learn to re-parent yourself with Mother Earth & Father Sun.
The peaceful, nurturing music of J.C. High Eagle supports the healing of this meditation.

Entertainer on the native american flute

For 7 consecutive years as a storyteller and entertainer on the American Indian flute,
J.C. has proudly represented his culture at one of the nation's largest Indian events,
the Indian Summer Festival, held at Henry Maier Festival Park, on the lakefront of
Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

native american flute music

J.C. High Eagle, today's modern American Indian, is dedicated to exploring new outlets for his creativity while preserving the cultures and traditional values of Native American Indians.

Grapevine, Texas

For 6 consecutive years, High Eagle was a featured entertainer at the annual Main Street Days Festival, sponsored by the City of Grapevine, Texas.

native american flute music

World premiered by Present Music on Oct. 21, 1990, he appeared as a soloist for a new musical production, "Box Death Hollow" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.The musical performance was written by New York composer, Jerome Kitzke, to acknowledge the centennial of the massacre of Big Foot's Miniconjous Sioux by U.S. troops near Wounded Knee Creek on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation, December 29, 1890.

native american flute music

High Eagle has been bestowed the nation's highest civilian honor,
the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President of the United States. The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, recognizes exceptional meritorious service.
The medal was established by President Truman in 1945 to recognize notable service in the war.
In 1963, President Kennedy reintroduced it as an honor for distinguished civilian service in peacetime.

native american flute music

More recently, on February 7, 2007 --

native american flute musicState Flag of Tennesseenative american flute  music
native american flute music

The Governor and State Legislature of Tennessee presented him with a state proclamation
honoring his meritorious achievements as a musician and entertainer,
as well as his lifetime contributions to humanity.

High Eagle . . . A universal man with many gifts to share along life's road to realization!

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