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Geographical/Demographical Information

Oklahoma means "Land of the Red People" in the Choctaw Indian Language.

Admitted to the Union November 16, 1907, the 46th state

Divided into 77 counties with a total area of 69,957 square miles

Population in 1992: 3,207,111

Population per square mile: 45.8 people

Ranks 18th in area at 69,957 square miles:

68,656 square miles of land, 7.5 million areas of forest
1,301 square miles of water,
and more coastline than the Atlantic and Gulf combined

Oklahoma is bordered by six states:
Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri and Arkansas

Equidistant from Los Angeles and New York,
and within 500 miles of 71 million people

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State Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (Labor Conquers All Things)

State Colors: Green and White

State Tree: Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)

State Animal: American Buffalo (Bison)

State Bird: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher(Muscivora Forficata)

State Fish: White Bass (Sand Bass)(Morone Chrysops)

State Flower: Mistletoe (PhoradendronSerotinum)

State Rock: Rose Rock (Barite Rose)

State Instrument: Fiddle

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