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J.C. High Eagle and world youth day Today, he is more active than ever and still looks to the years ahead as the most important one's of his life. Devoting his life to the pursuit of arts, philosophy and science for the betterment of humanity, he has achieved success in several professional fields as business, science, entertainment and the arts.

High Eagle has made international speaking tours, and been a frequent guest in Europe.
He is gaining an international reputation as a musician, as well as author, philosopher and lecturer.

He has conspicuously demonstrated a creative living creditably in the fine arts of music, poety, literature, drawing and weaving.

High Eagle entertainer,composer,author,musician,speaker

J.C. High Eagle and World Youth Day A man of many interests, High Eagle is characterized by his genuine concern for Mother Earth and people--especially for the young people, whom he considers the key to the future.
High Eagle has been bestowed the highest civilian honor U.S. citizens can be awarded, the
Presidential Medal of Freedom [click] by the President of the United States
for his efforts to return the ill-fated Apollo 13 [click] crew safely to Earth.

High Eagle and World Youth Day Other awards, honors and special recognition include:

~ Bronze Halo Award by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for outstanding contributions to humanity.

~ Navajo Medal of Honor, Navajo Nation

~ Cherokee Medal of Honor, Cherokee Nation

~ Prestigious Medal of Honor from the Daughters of the American Revolution for ethical conduct and contributions to humanity.

~ Ely Samuel Parker Award, highest honor bestowed by the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES), Inc., for lifetime career achievements and community service.

~ Nominated Greatest Native American, 2005 National Poll

~ Oklahoma Indian Elder Honors, 2011 AARP

~ Minorities in Research Science Trailblazer Award, Science Spectrum Magazine

~ Iron Eyes Cody Humanitarian Honor Medal, 2012

~ Bausch and Lomb National Science Award.

~ Science and Engineering National Achievement Award, presented by the American Indian Art and Cultural Exchange.

~ NASA Special Achievement Award from Lewis Research Center (now Glenn Research Center)

~ Listed in Who's Who in Poetry

High Eagle Native American Indian entertainer,composer,author,musician,speaker

J.C. High Eagle and World Youth Day WORLD'S FIRST INTERNATIONAL SITE FOR PEACE. As a true visionary, the world's first international site for peace, the Circle of Unity [click], came from a vision several months prior
during his lone prayer quest in the awesome Black Hills of the state of South Dakota.

J.C. High Eagle and Native American Indian J.C. High Eagle and Native American Indian
Later, the same year, the country of Ecuador [click] constructed this site based on his vision, and he was invited to dedicated it along with 38 American Indians from different tribes over the U.S., all seven indigenous tribes in Ecuador, and ~25,000 people from all over the world by invitation from the President of Ecuador.

World Youth Day WORLD YOUTH DAY.
World Youth Day

World Youth Day

Additionally, in 1986 after the site was dedicated, High Eagle had a vision of celebration for all world youth. The vision that came to him ultimately manifested in World Youth Day. High Eagle assembled a committee comprised of Boy Scouts International, Girl Scouts, other youth groups and churches to support the concept and vision of first time in history to celebrate and honor world youth. The task grew way beyond High Eagle's committee to handle. It was suggested to the Catholic Church headquarters which mentioned it to the Pope. The Catholic Church and Pope embraced it, and it has occurred every year since 1986.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church limited the scope of the day to just Catholic youth which was not the original intention of High Eagle's vision for all world youth. High Eagle never sought any glory for the origination of the Day, but the Catholic Church and Pope have erroneously been credited for it. High Eagle's vision of World Youth Day came directly from God, and he feels he was of service to God to bear the fruit of the vision. To him, it does not matter who gets the credit. Truly, the credit belongs to God, for that is where the inspiration came originally . . .

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