NOTE:The following are true, unsolicited testimonials
from satisfied customers whose hearts and souls
have been touched by the spirit of the music
More testimonials will be updated soon . . .

"We visited Mesa Verde National Park in the mid 1980's where we purchased your music. Our family has enjoyed this wonderful music almost daily. Our great compliments to this amazing artist who has brought our family so much enjoyment through his gift."
- K.C., Logan, Utah

"Never have I found such simple calming yet uplifting music. It has truly been my pleasure. I can not express enough how this tape  (Wikutha) has brought such peace and joy into my life.
- J.Y., Beach Park, Illinois

"In February, I went on my first camping trip &
I took your tape  (ECHOES) along & played it in the wilderness.
A friend asked if the horses were in our area, or were they on the tape!
I laughed and said "No!", that's the tape. It truly is a beautiful tape, and as soon as I'm able, I will order again. Thank you."
- R.J., Houston, Texas

"I have just purchased a tape called "VISIONS".
I find this music most restful and tranquil. I love listening to it after work, and at night just before I retire. It is most soothing. Thank you."

"This music is just what I was wanting in my life. On hearing the first notes of "HOMAGE" I was struck by the deep serenity and clarity of spirit and became aware of my own inner voice that day. I just stopped, sat down and did nothing but experience the beauty and the communication of spirit voiced in flute and nature sounds. I hope that in the future all people will come to love such communing."

"Your words and music and writings affirm life.
Your inspiration is magnificent. It is clear to me,
J.C. High Eagle, you speak the truth. I am grateful!!!"-D.J.G., Los Angeles, California

"Thanks again for all the wonderful hours of calm you provide!"
-N.L.K., Xenia, Ohio

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy ECHOES.
The music has brought such a peacefulness into
my soul and into my home."
-T.T., Houston, Texas

"I really enjoyed the tape [VISIONS] for my personal meditations and began to use it with clients for anxiety and depressive difficulties."
-S.B.A., M.A., Mansfield, Louisiana

"We have many of High Eagle cassettes and they are used as meditations."
-B.B., Thousand Oaks, CA

"You write with spiritual love & compassion.
Your work needs to be out there healing!"
-D.C., Sherman Oaks, California

"My favorite is ECHOES. It speaks to my inner being, ie. my soul.
I think the music is wonderful. It is so earthy, so honest and so pure.
I feel relaxed when I listen to it after a stressful day."
-K.M., Oshkosh, Wisconsin

". . . I find myself wanting more,
as his music dances with my spirit."
-J.A.M., Evansville, Indiana

"I really can't ever tell you how thankful I am to our "Great Spirit" for putting me in touch with the beauty you so generously share. I only wish that one day, before I die, I can experience a little of the peace and "centeredness" that you have. It just radiates when you speak, and in your music. I'm drained physically and emotionally but as soon as I get up and exercise,
I put your tapes on and as soon as I try to go to sleep, I put them on. These are the closest to any peace I find in my life."
-A.M.P., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I'm glad you have made them [tapes] available to people like us. It's a wonderful thing to have a gift like yours that can bring beauty and peace into someone else's life. Thank you!"
-S.S., Beach Park, Illinois

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