Sounds of the Native American Indian Flute

American Indian flute music
Native American flute music

Excellent Setting for Relaxation & Meditation

Sounds of the American Indian flute


The Native American Indian flute is a very special instrument. In days of old,
it was made for love music. Generally played for courting and special tunes, its revival is beginning to have the flavor of a more contemporary sound today.

The native flute has a haunting, soulful sound that penetrates and permeates the world around it, letting its presence be known.

Step back in time to the echoes of the pristine plains and prairies of Indian country.

Be serenaded by spring-time echoes of native wildlife as you ride along
in your fringed-top surrey. Follow the trail of early Spanish soldiers, explorers, cattlemen and nomads as the plight of the Indian spirit is revealed in the echoes and passages of the flute.

ECHOES -- The Concept

Aside from its usual meaning with respect to sound, an echo can also be defined as one who imitates or repeats another's words, ideas or acts.

In that sense, we are all echoes of the past, present and future -- echoes of each other, the things around us and our Creator.

ECHOES -- The Music

The consciousness of the Great Spirit and the dynamic physical/spiritual interaction in the world is perceived musically, echoed by an interpretation of flute and the environment captured in the following:

Native American flute music



American Indian flute music

WIND SONG - (2:39)
Blow your cares away with the breath of the Great Spirit as it moves among tall mountain pines, stirring up wisps of wind that breeze delicately through bells and chimes that acknowledge its presence.

NEBULA - (2:48)
Several native peoples have stories and legends that tell of their origin from the stars. Launch into the heavens to explore the vast universe of galaxies and a guiding nebula that beckons you homeward.

Is it merely the pulsing rhythms of flute vibrations or a voice channeling through a human instrument and wood combined? The vocal cords of the Great Spirit transformed into music come alive with fresh guidance, challenging one's interpretations and commitment.

In the Cherokee tradition, an "A-da-we-hi" is a Spirit Caller. He knows the ceremonial prayers to call the good spirits and knows the correct plants for medicinal use. These men are also skilled in the secrets and mysteries of the stars. They are respected as wise men and prophets--interpreters of dreams.

RELEASE - (2:32)
Sounds of drum and the solo flute caught amidst the lonely living in two worlds: the past and present tear at the spirit to remember the old ways but adapt to the living of today. Release is freedom from self-imposed bondage that blocks our spiritual energy and guidance.

GREAT MYSTERIES(Wakontah E-a-wa-won, Osage) - (3:09)
Channeled as a universal prayer,Wa-kon-tah, an Osage word, means "Great Mysteries" or "Creator". E-a-wa-wonis the word for "the Cause of our being". Also heard is "I-tha-dsi On-ko-tah-pi"meaning "our Father". Is it ironic that the first letter of both words of the title spell the inseparable "we"?

Alertness, followed by the relaxed, steady pace of drum, flute, the cadence of hooves and a horseback rider returning home. Then, again, alertness ultimately drowned out by a finale of silence.

ECHOES - (9:32)
Relax to the rhythms of the flute reverberating among majestic, mystic mountains and canyons. Listen to its twin companion in harmonious reply.

MORNING STAR (Mikak'e Honbadon Thinkshe, Osage) - (2:23)
Peaceful rebirth of Grandfather Light (Sun) into Mother Earth's existence greeted in song by flute duet and nature. Catch in quietude the twinkle of a heavenly glimmer in the dawn.

SOARING- (2:01)
A symbol of the Grandfather Sun (warmth of life) and of the spiritual principle in general, the eagle lives in full light of the sun. Feel the power of an eagle in high flight, soaring aloft in clouds of fleece, at peace, with wind currents causing the turning of lazy circles. On the glide path, examine the faint pictorials and ancient hieroglyphs on cliff faces with your inner vision.

SHADOWS - (3:55)
Off in the distance, driving drumbeats are heard. Stirring within comes the syncopation of your heart keeping beat with the man-made rhythms. A background chorus of crickets provide a ringing overlay with jingle-like effects.

"Sun-yi-a-ne-da-i"(Cherokee) are reclusive Spirit Callers who live in seclusion and are not seen by their people. Only the "Tsi-ki-li", or Horned Owl, knows of their presence and where they go. The Cherokee word Sun-yi-a-ne-dais used to explain the strange sounds heard in the darkness of night. Felt is the comforting presence of the Spirit Callers among the shadows.

J.C. High Eagle(Osage/Cherokee)
Native American Flute Music with Nature

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