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Elevating...Very Relaxing...Great Tenderness!


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Great for meditation


A popular favorite for relaxation, meditation or massage. Popular for Feng Shui.

PEACE -- The Concept

Continuous music on both sides of the tape for your quiet meditations without interruption! With non-stop music, nothing will break your peaceful thoughts. This one is for you . . . what you have been looking for in a product that carries you along with the music. There are so many meditation products on the market now (at least they say they are for meditation!). The trouble with most of them is that each selection is usually a different piece of music all thrown together with other selections that last from 2 to 3 minutes of playing time. If you are meditating, you don't want your beautiful thoughts to be interrupted, especially by the change of one musical selection to another.

Well, we have solved that problem with PEACE!

PEACE -- The Music

Soft, serene music to help release your daily stresses and tensions.
It also provides a perfect background setting for one's many moods
and a nice companion in those solitary moments.

The album is entirely composed of flowing synthesizer rhythms accented in places with a soft Chinese gongthat blends beautifully with the harmonies. You must hear to believe!

Just relax to the rhythms and vibrations, and feel your cares floating away!

Let PEACE relax you, soothe frustrations with companionship and stability in a world troubled by too much change, too fast.

Elevating. Very relaxing. Great tenderness.

PEACE... Restoration
PEACE... Waits for you!!
PEACE... Stress reducing
PEACE... Restful rhythms
PEACE... A healer's harmony
PEACE... Soothing, centering
PEACE... Excellent for background
PEACE... An experience to just let happen
PEACE... Turning loose at a modest price!
PEACE... Good therapy for worries or problems

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