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feng shui music

"To every thing there is a season and
a time to every purpose under the heaven ..."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

feng shui music


A popular favorite for relaxation, meditation or massage. Perfect for Feng Shui music!

SEASONS -- The Concept

Just Imagine . . .

Winds of winter blowing thru fingers of icicles & branches of snow . . .
Storm clouds on a snappy spring day . . .
Wild flowers piercing thru the thaw . . .
Aroma of sage on a sunny, still, summer day . . .
Upwards, the quiet flight of an eagle against the blue azure sky . . .
Twittering of birds and squirrels gathering nuts amidst whirlwinds of falling autumn leaves . . .

Well, if you can imagine these, them you are ready to hear them! This music will put you where you want to escape . . . into the serene peace of nature and beautiful sounds of synthesizer harmonies to cradle you softly in your journey . . . SEASONS!

SEASONS -- The Music

Relaxing music expressive of the seasons blended with nature's chorus of quieting sounds.

Let SEASONS relax you, soothe frustrations with companionship and stability in a world troubled by too much change, too fast.

feng shui music, relaxation, meditation, yoga


Feng Shui music,meditation, massage, yoga

SEASONS ... A cassette or CD you'll be proud to add to your musical library
SEASONS ... A favorite for Fengu Shui, relaxation, meditation or massage
SEASONS ... Musical nourishment at a modest price!
SEASONS ... Gentle, melodic and soothing
SEASONS ... Music never out-of-season!
SEASONS ... Excellent for background
SEASONS ... Deeply satisfying
SEASONS ... An experience
SEASONS ... Get it
SEASONS ... Now!

We're sure that you will enjoy this fine collection of musical compositions.
But we want you to see, hear and judge for yourself!

"Our lives cycle as the seasons.
There is a winter time in our lives.
But so shall the spring follow with new growth -
A new rebirth from Mother Earth . . .
a new beginning."

-- J.C. High Eagle

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