"God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change,
courage to change things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference."

Very Relaxing . . . Feng Shui Music

Feng Shui music and meditation music

Be A Part Of A Serene, Absorbing Experience . . .
Gentle Stereo Ocean Waves & Soft Background Music!


Feng Shui music for peaceful sounds


A popular favorite for relaxation, meditation or massage. Perfect background for Feng Shui!

SERENITY -- The Concept

Continuous music for your quiet meditations without interruption! Nothing will break your peaceful thoughts. This one is for you . . . what you have been looking for in a CD or cassette tape that carries you along with the stereo ocean waves & music. The waves actually were recorded live at Galveston Island, and flow from the left speaker to the right speaker. If you enjoy headphones, don't miss this one! Waves seem to wash from left ear to the right ear as seagulls circle your head. Got to hear to appreciate! The ultimate in relaxation and stress reduction.

SERENITY -- The Music

Soft, serene ocean waves & light music faintly in the background to help release your daily stresses and tensions. It also provides a perfect background setting for one's many moods and a nice companion in those solitary moments. Sounds of an island seashore blended with cathedral-like chords to provide a tapestry of calm and release. Sense the salt-spray as nature's chorus of the sea flows within, freeing one's spirit to its awakening . . . The album is entirely composed of flowing synthesizer rhythms flowing with each gentle ocean wave crest that washes over you.

Just relax to the rhythms and vibrations, and feel your cares floating away!

Let SERENITY relax you, soothe frustrations with companionship and stability in a world troubled by too much change, too fast. Very relaxing.

"My ears listening
to the sounds of
Mother Earth--
In stillness
there is beauty.

Wind sings its
salt-spray lullabies--
songs of nature
rejoicing in my ears.
As the waves sing lullabies,
my spirit is pacified--
the war within ceases.

Someday, mankind will return
to the laws of nature . . ."

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