Connect With Music Of The Spheres
A Musical Excursion!

feng shui music of the spheres

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"Journey to the spheres, soar with guiding currents of compassion,
follow the road to realization . . . explore the many dimensions of love . . . through music!"


feng shui music of the spheres

Feng Shui music to relax INTRODUCTION

Connect with music of the spheres to discover . . . to grow . . . to celebrate!

Coming to clarity begins with a genesis of desire to change, to grow. Introspection helps us see the spectrum of ourselves, the after-images of self-analysis. Progressing along the pathways, we lean our imprints by keeping those that tend to support or reinforce our purpose and good qualities, and detach or eject those that inhibit our growth, deny or detract from our purposes.

Ultimately, our spheres evolve to an expanded boundless life of celebration, one of giving thanks and extending love in cherished acts of solicitude and unlimited rapture. With a greater, fuller realization, the web of life becomes more than a celebration -- it becomes our passion.

Feng Shui music to relax SPHERES -- The Concept

The Pythagoreans believed the motions of the celestial spheres are attuned to each other to produce ethereal harmony (called "music of the spheres"). The shells of our lives may also be deemed spherical limited only by our levels of awareness, perception, and understanding. Mentally, they define the place or range of our actions, the field and extent of our knowledge, experience, influence and realization.

Feng Shui music to relax SPHERES -- The Music

Meditative . . . Reverent . . . Quieting.

A beginning, origin, creation or way in which something is formed.

To look into one's own mind, feelings or reactions.

An after-image, relating commonly to light, but also interpreted as the result of introspect.

Lines of movement or courses taken of conduct.

Marks firmly fixed on the mind or memory.

Thoughtfulness for the welfare, safety, or comfort of another.

SPHERES (Title Cut)
The place or range of action or existence; field or extent of knowledge, experience, influence.

The impression of something produced by reflection from a mirror.
A person or thing very much like another; counterpart; likeness.
A mental picture of something.

That which is done to honor, praise or proclaim openly and publicly.
Life is a celebration!

To hold dear, value highly; treat tenderly, foster or nurture.

The state of being carried away with joy, love;
an expression of great joy, pleasure.

Hear the celebration of a wolf to the moon-sphere.

A complicated work of the mind or imagination.

Softness, gentleness of night moods.

Having no limitations, infinite; vast.

State of power of receiving or being affected by outside influences; compelling emotion; intense emotional drive.

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