Sounds of the Native American Indian Flute

Native American flute music

Excellent Setting for Relaxation & Meditation

Native American Indian flute music

VISIONS -- The Theme

The mere possession of a vision is not the same as living it, nor can we encourage others with it if we do not, ourselves, understand it and follow its truths. The pattern of the Great Spirit is over us all, but if we follow our own spirits from within, the pattern becomes clearer. To have visions in life and to carry them out can happen to anyone because we are all human beings and share the same Source-of-our-being.

For centuries, others have sought their visions. They prepare themselves, so that if the Creator desires them to know their life's purpose, then a vision would be revealed. To be blessed with visions is not enough . . . we must live them!

Much time has passed since any significant vision quests have been documented. Tracing back through recorded history, American Indians have followed ancient rituals in finding a purpose to their futures. Quetzalcoatl, a wise and powerful prophet, told the Toltecs of the coming of men from across the seas. He spoke of the day when his people would once again regain the wisdom and the spirit of their ancestors, in a time when pride would return to their sacred traditions.

The Oglala Sioux medicine man, Black Elk, had a supernatural vision that the sacred hoop of the nation would be broken and scattered but eventually the hoops of all nations would be made whole and joined as one again."A man who has a vision is not able to use the power of it until after he has performed the vision on Earth for the people to see."--Black Elk, Lakota(Sioux)

VISIONS -- The Music

The Native American Indian flute was generally played for courting and special occasions.
It's recent revival has the flavor of a more contemporary sound, mixed with the seasoning of times gone-by. The consciousness of the Great Spirit and the dynamic physical/spiritual interaction in the world is perceived and manifested as a musically channeled interpretation
of flute, guitar and the natural environment. Resurrected from the past comes the Native American Indian flute to enhance your meditation--heighten spiritual sensitivity. So, lean back, relax, and enjoy!

Native American flute music



Native American Indian flute music

(Embellishment of a traditional melody) Played at daybreak to bring up Grandfather Sun every morning and to express thanks for the gift of another fresh, new day in which to celebrate living. Peaceful rebirth of light into the earthly and spatial existence, greeted in song by flute and nature.

EAGLE - (3:36)
The mood of this selection and why it was entitled can best be described in a prayer by High Eagle:

"Oh, Great Spirit,
Show me the path of real love
Show me the path of real light,
Lift my spirit on wings to above
And be free as an eagle in flight."

Becoming that which we truly are as an expression of spirit in this world.

MOONRISE - (3:22)
Romantic blend of flute and guitar into simple elegance that reminds us of harmony within ourselves, with each other, and things around us.

Geological formation in the northern edge of the Black Hills. The Cheyenne and Sioux have legends of the "Sacred Mountain." Both Indian nations and individuals have reverently regarded it as a natural altar of important spiritual esteem. Noble native American Indian leaders have made pilgrimages to Bear Butte. Even today, people come to spiritually renew.

This piece was composed and played on top of Bear Butte summit. Feel the awe and mysteries at the top . . . be there with me!

VISIONS - (7:19)
Many thoughts are born in the course of a moment, an hour, a day. Some are dreams, some visions. Often, we are unable to distinguish between them. To some, they are the same; however, not all dreams are visions. Much energy is lost in fanciful dreams that never bear fruit. But visions are messages from the Great Spirit, each for a different purpose in life. Consequently, one person's vision may not be that of another.

To have a vision, one must be prepared to receive it, and when it comes, to accept it. Thus, when these inner urges become reality, only then can visions be fulfilled. It is a fact that the spiritual side of life knows everyone's heart and who to trust. How could a vision ever be given to someone if that person could not be trusted to carry it out? The message is simple: commitment precedes vision.

To give visions life also requires cooperation, responsiveness, and community effort to fully realize the powerful spiritual potential that lies within.

THUNDER VOICES (Harney Peak) - (5:07)
Recorded live in August, 1987, the sky's throat opened with a powerful clearing in the heavens over the Black Hills region including Harney Peak and Bear Butte. The concentration of energy was centered directly overhead in the towering heights above High Eagle's evening campsite.

One can feel the presence and power of the Thunder Voices reverberating from tall, rocky spires as raindrops spatter the smooth surface of nearby Sylvan Lake. The magnificent magnitude of the thunder and lightning display held much impact to him as the purple thunderheads released their droplets with hurried intensity.

Soft flute, a harp-like strum of a guitar and the midnight trickling sounds of a gentle brook revived with life are captured as it brings a soothing message of the importance of flowing with the currents found both within and outside of us.

J.C. High Eagle (Osage/Cherokee)Native American Flute, Guitar, Dulcimer
Neal Stilley & High Eagle, Nature sound effects

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