Love poems, romantic writings by High Eagle

Love poems and love relationships

"Let all that you do be done in love."-- I Corinthians 18:14

Love and romantic moods

This book is written not as an authority on the subject of love,
but as a person who sees the relationships of men and women
with each other, and what I know to be important.


Love must not be thought about, but must be felt. It is hard to merely rationalize love.
One must be in touch with one's feelings.

Heart poems about love

If one can think in terms of sunbeams and moonbeams, why not also love beams?! Love is also energy. It radiates and permeates just the same. Each poem or thought captured in the writings represents a love beam directed toward the heart . . . a romantic bulls eye! I hope the prose and poetry contained herein do as much radiating to you as they have to me.

love poems and romantic writings

No wonder everybody, today, is confused about the subject of love.
There are so many different facets and interpretations of love. Love can be so many things, and not necessarily the same between people.
One must be careful when talking about love. Often, too, love is confused and misinterpreted in the context of affinity for another. 'Like' may be closer to one's intent than a true feel of love.
God, being the highest form of love, is expressed and manifested on the Mother Earth in all things. Everything has as its likeness, God,
which is love.

We only just begin to grasp the true meaning of love when we are able to overcome our egocentric drives, passions, pleasures, needs and desires for love. Yes, love is a human thing . . . but it is also a spiritual thing. When viewed as merely a human endeavor, it is fleeting and temporary. As a spiritual quality, it persists and is forever.

If relationships were founded upon true love, there would be less conflict, divorce and unhappiness in the world. It is only when we seek the love, divine love within us, and express it outwardly to others and other things, that we truly love and become loved. To love and be loved is what most people seek to experience in this life.
But too many search in the wrong places.

love poems to touch the heart

Love is only one of several lessons and experience in living. Life really becomes an opportunity to express love in many ways, to let its great healing powers flow and extend into the world through us.

Romantic poetry for the tender heart

The American Indian was also a lover. A lover of nature, of life. It is hard for some to think of the native American Indian as anything but hard, macho or savage. That is only because of society's stereotype projections, and not of the real substance. The Indian was (and is) a compassionate person. Even the mightiest of warriors could still be warm and sensitive with his loved ones and not feel that he had lost any of his manhood because of showing or expressing his tender feelings.

Passion expressed through poetry

"We all walk the same path of life.
Until we all learn to live in peace,
like brothers and children of the same
Mother Earth,
calamities will be with us as usual . . .
as long as men do not learn to love one another as brothers
and become children from the same family."

-- Cochise, Chiricawa Apache Chief

Prayers and poems of love feelings

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