"Dedicated to those who celebrate love and life,
and have managed to go beyond their mystic moods."

American Indian wisdom on life
Although writers, scholars, presses and the general public have turned their attention to American Indian literature, it has too often been locked in anthropological terms.

Love and life

Writers and the public tend to read an Indian novel or poem because it was written by an Indian and they expect the content to be a reaffirmation of their own attitudes about Indians.

moods of life

Sometimes, their expectations and perceptions of the work raises questions in their artistic and cultural sub-conscious such as
"Is the work Indian?" In doing this, they are asking if it reinforces their anthropological expectations.

American Indian wisdom on love and life

This approach has lead some people to reject the work of talented Indian writers as "not really Indian" while championing the works of non-Indians who write about native people with anthropological motives.

Lost in this is any real attempt to see contemporary Indian writers as authors, taught at universities, well-educated, well-read, well-traveled and able to write anything from science fiction to sonnets.

Publishers consciously have promoted the work of Indian writers that clearly proclaim the anthropological Indian and not the creative writer. Many Indian writers today complain of the narrow area that publishers give them to exercise their imagination.

The major focus of the Mystic Moods of Love &Life is to show how I have, as a contemporary Indian author, drawn on my Indian heritage and how my thoughts and writing have been affected by modern American and European literary movements.

wisdom of life

The writings propose to show a balanced look at the traditional as well as contemporary qualities of expression. My attempt has been to show the continuity of Indian vision as it interfaces with modern society and modern literature with a deeper, more penetrating perspective.

Indian prose and poetry

I hope that, by reading through this, it will have some impact on you to cause you to increase, at least, your awareness and realization about thoughts of life, love and our relationship we all share with both. Perhaps, also, it will cause you to stop and reflect internally about yourself and the things you really value in life.

I hope, above all else, that it gives you a better support, encouragement and confidence in life and the strength of love for you that will ultimately result in the strengthening of your trust, the overcoming of fear, and enable you to take real control of your thoughts and feelings which will result in the ability to enjoy something truly beautiful and wise.

Indian wisdom on love and life

"May you always be at peace, and extend LOVE.
Aho! My words are spoken true . . . "

-- J.C. High Eagle, Osage/Cherokee

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