Immediate Press Release

October 10th 1986

J.C. High Eagle and Native American Indian philosophy






J.C. High Eagle is leading an expedition of U.S. citizens on a mission of world peace to the center of the world. Mr. High Eagle, Osage/Cherokee Indian spokesman, and his delegation, will celebrate with the native Ecuadorian tribes, the first time an international site at the Equator has been designated as a focal point for world peace and unity.


Chief Austin Two Moons, Cheyenne, living grandson of the renown warrior that led the charge against the U.S. Calvary General George A. Custer in 1876, will preside in the Peace Pipe ceremonies.


Mayor Kathy Whitmire, Mayor of the City of Houston, has given the group the Medallion of the City of Houston to present to officials of Ecuador.


High Eagle says, “We are proud for the Ecuadorians to recognize all of the people we have brought from the U.S.A. to participate in these historic first ceremonies. We have brought both Indians and non-Indians to show that we are truly one people in all the world. Native people and white people can get along with each other in a true spirit of friendship and cooperation. In this way, we are all truly people-to-people . . . heart-to-heart.”


He continues to say, “What is happening in Ecuador is not only for it or for native Indians, but for all of humanity. We have come representing no government, no politics, and no religious motives. The only thing we carry in our hearts is love. All of us should remember that it is our spirits that create the world in which we live. To unify our world is to unity our spirits.”


Ecuatorian Airlines and the people of Ecuador are providing food, lodging, and transportation for the expedition in Ecuador.




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native american indian teaching by High Eagle

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